The Advantages Of Having Matcha tea

Matcha tea is considered as one of the best powdered green teas available these days. Young leaves from camellia sinensis plant get picked from the tips of the plants, and then the leaves are processed into a powder form. The Matcha Powder has got a perfectly green color, and they get it because the powdered tea is kept away from the light as well as oxygen so that they can retain their color and antioxidant properties. According to, Matcha tea is a super food which people take to maintain their health. Here are some good reasons to add Matcha tea to your diet.

We all know that antioxidants fight against the UV radiation and protect our skin. Antioxidants also play a role in giving us perfect skin and keep away diseases. Health conscious people include food that have a lot of antioxidants in them such as green vegetables, fruits, and dark chocolate. In matcha tea, you will get antioxidants which are five times more than any other food. Among the antioxidants, the most potent and beneficial antioxidant is called catechins. Matcha tea has got around more than 50% of catechins present in it. This antioxidant is considered to have the power to fight cancer. According to scientists, Matcha tea has got more EGCG than any other green tea available today and it is capable of removing unhealthy chemical toxins from our body.

Matcha tea was first used by the Chinese and Japanese as a way to relax and meditate, and at the same time, they use it to remain alert. This higher level of consciousness is possible because of the amino acid L- Theanine present in the leaves which are used to make Matcha tea. The production of alpha waves improves with the help of this amino acid and allows the brain to relax. The production of two chemicals namely serotonin and dopamine also get promoted which can help to boost memory and concentration.

Regular intake of Matcha tea can increase endurance and energy levels. From matcha tea, one can increase the mental endurance level to last for at least six hours. You can increase metabolism and burn unwanted fat faster than with any other green tea. Matcha tea has no side-effects and that makes this tea a favorite of many.

You can also use Match tea to fight against bad cholesterol and improve your good cholesterol levels. Since Matcha tea has many vitamins, protein, iron, and calcium, health experts advise people who suffer from deficiencies to take matcha tea daily in order to stay healthy and nurture a good immune system.

According to tea experts, one needs to select the best quality Matcha to get the best benefits. There are other green teas which claim to give the same effects as Matcha, but often fall short. A fresh, good quality Matcha is quite expensive. If you find Matcha tea powder at a low price, then it may be of low quality. These are the many benefits of using this special tea.